Rely Local Cash Mob at Fly In’ Bean

Posted by Cowlitz Cash Mob on May 2nd, 2012
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If you build it, they will come…if they can find it. When we heard that Rely Local was going to do a Cash Mob for a local business we were excited to hear their ideas! Fly In’ Bean is a great little coffee shop tucked way behind the Texaco on Washington Way and Industrial Way…We want to to repeat the word way several times because you might, in fact, you probably do pass it every time you are out there because it is not visible from the street.

This is the perfect place for a Cash Mob in order to help you make a bee-line to their drive-thru window…We say Bee-Line because the first vehicle to lead out the mob for this event, was fellow-Rely Local members, Bumble Bee Towing!

Dot was out the showing the way; making sure you couldn’t miss the place to be! When we finally showed up, the owner was SOOOO happy his hands were shaking while he took our orders! We had no room for caffeine at the time so we enjoyed yummy smoothies and even picked up a gift certificate that we will give away on our radio show, Boomer Plus Tuesday, next week!

Goodwill and happy overall feelings were shared by all as we picked up our stuff and headed over to Red Rooster Bakery (Home of the Best Snickerdoodles and Peanut Butter Cookies We’ve Ever Tasted!!!)  for First Tuesday, a FREE Networking event that Rely Local members facilitate every month!

Next month join us at Banda’s Bouquets on Tuesday June 5th. Banda’s is located in Downtown Longview at 1310 Broadway!

Fly In’ Bean Espresso
3357 Washington Way
Longview, WA 98632 

The Pet Works Cash Mob

Posted by Cowlitz Cash Mob on April 23rd, 2012
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The day was gorgeous! In fact, maybe the most beautiful of the year! The perfect day to wander downtown and meander through shops and mingle.

As we set up our signs we thought about the last few week and all the work that went into the first Cash Mob in Cowlitz County. Bringing a Cash Mob to The Pet Works was the brainchild of owner, Rebecca Smith who thought it was a great idea! While we sat around a table at Red Leaf Organic Coffee in Kelso, planning the event she agreed that Exclaim Media should be the ones to promote this event so she could continue to offer service excellence at The Pet Works; maybe one of the oldest businesses in Downtown Longview, Washington.

We perused the main Cash Mob Website for inspiration and saw signage, web sites, Facebook and Twitter pages. Each Cash Mob had their own flavor and depending on the community they resided in. The rules were simple:

  • Create a Twitter Account
  • Tweet the address only of the Cash Mob one week before the event
  • Contact local newspapers and radio stations
  • Have fun!

For Mobsters the rules were easy too!

  • Show up with a friend
  • Spend $20
  • Get a ticket to the After Hours which would take place at a local eatery or pub
  • Meet new people
  • Have fun!

The main goal of Cash Mob is to have fun and create a little economic stimulus. Building relationships with the community and supporting local business are natural partners with this theme.

The minute our meeting subsided, armed with a date, time and an idea of which eatery Rebecca wanted to promote we headed back to the office to create a logo, website, Facebook, Twitter and begin the process of marketing this EXCLAIMATIOUS event. We created PSA’s which we emailed to every radio station and newspaper within 50 miles of Kelso-Longview, Washington, flyers which we used when we canvased a 2 block radius of The Pet Works and fielded phone calls from the local businesses that called to get a better definition of Cash Mob and to start planning theirs!

We advertised on Exclaim Media, LLC and Knotty Wares’ websites and also had a spot on Boomer Plus Tuesday to tell people what we were up to.

There was an ad placed in The Daily News, however no matter how many times we called or emailed them, we were not able to get someone to show any interest.

The power of Cash Mob is the spontaneity of being in the moment. There is is little time to prepare one and that too is part of the charm.

We were glad to see people coming in the door and enjoying the newly remodeled store and the friendly staff. In the end, we actually chose to sit in the window of Las Rocas, across the street so we could watch from afar and brainstorm ideas for the next one…and there will be more…

We had a lot of fun and want to thank the following businesses for helping:

  • The Pet Works was the business who called the mob and inspired us to take this project on and help promote and support local business.
  • The Bistro offered great promotions to Cash Mob participants.
  • Prographyx worked hard to get our signs created in very short notice. They turned out beautiful!
  • Copies Today Speedy Litho worked with us to print flyers and tickets and did a great job communicating with us until the order was not only complete, but perfect!

Cash Mob – Saturday April 21st – 1257 Commerce Ave, Longview, WA

Posted by Cowlitz Cash Mob on April 19th, 2012
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Are you ready for the Cash Mob!

Calling all CA$H Mobsters…bring your friends…including Mr. Andrew Jackson to:

The Mob Meets at: 1257 Commerce Ave. Longview, WA 98632 Get Directions

The Rules:

  1. Grab a friend and bring them to the address listed above.
  2. Spend $20…on yourself…or your friend…
  3. Get a Cash Mob Ticket from the Clerk at the Cash Mob…
  4. Walk down the street to The Bistro, show them your ticket and get great deals for Cash Mobsters!
  5. Make some new friends!
  6. Have Fun!

The After-Party

When you make your purchase at The Cash Mob you will be given a ticket that you will take to The Bistro!

The Bistro will have an area set aside for Mobsters!

For Cash Mobsters ONLY!

  • $3 Cosmos
  • $3 House Wines
  • $2 Beers
  • Happy Hour Menu until 9 pm for Cash Mobsters Only!
The goal of Cash Mob is to have fun! Please enjoy Downtown Longview and the fantastic shops they have as well as businesses participating in Cash Mob.

The First Cash Mob is on its way to Downtown Longview, WA!

Posted by Cowlitz Cash Mob on April 9th, 2012
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Hey Folks!

We are so excited that one of your neighbors has called us to bring the first Cash Mob to Cowlitz County!  I can’t tell you the name of the business yet…that is a surprise that will be announced next Saturday…but I can tell you that the afterhours will be at none other than The Bistro!
What is a Cash Mob?
Cash Mob is local people creating economic stimulus by showing up in the masses, buying $20 worth of product at a locally owned and operated business and then getting together at a neighboring eatery to get to know each other. We couldn’t think of a better way to bring the community together, right to you in Downtown Longview!
This is not the first Cash Mob, but it is the first one in Cowlitz County!
What do you do?
Check out our website at
Follow us on Twitter at!/CMKelsoLongview
Like us on Facebook at
You might want to consider staying open an hour or two more since we think there is a pretty good chance shoppers might stop by…or shut down early and be part of the fun!
What does Exclaim Media, LLC do?
We create PSA’s to send out to everyone we know!
Talk about it on Boomer Plus Tuesday, our websites, Twitters, Facebooks, etc…
Contact The Daily News for some extra coverage and exposure…
Canvas the neighborhood of the next Cash Mob with flyers…
…and since this is the first one…make up the rest as we go!
What does the mob do?
They get updates on the address only (no names) of the establishment to mob (we will have our Cash Mob signs there so it wont be hard to figure out which business you are going to), show up and spend $20 and then head on over to the eatery nearby (we’ll have a few more signs there too). In this case it is The Bistro and they will have some amazing Cash Mob specials just for those who got a Cash Mob ticket.
Can you have your own Cash Mob?
Yes! Give us a call and we’ll start planning yours!
More information is on the flyer attached to this email. I’ll be glad to answer any of your questions!
Exclaim the Day!
Summer Clemenson
Co-Owner/Lead Virtual Exclaimer & Control Freak
Exclaim Media, LLC
PO Box 416 | Kelso, WA 98626
Let us EXCLAIM you 75,000 times!

The First Cash Mob in Cowlitz County

Posted by Cowlitz Cash Mob on March 31st, 2012
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It’s coming! Mark your calenders for April 21st, 2012…and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get details!